Fingers Crossed

Pte Goof is back in Ontario. He’s not home, but at least the distance between us is drivable. He’s on PAT (private awaiting training) right now, so he’s going to ask for a week’s leave to come home and see us! We haven’t seen him in a month so we’re really hoping he can come home! There shouldn’t really be any reason for him not to. If he gets it I’ll go pick him up from the bus stop tomorrow night or thursday morning! I’m so excited! Pte Goof is going to be absolutely blown away when he sees how much Squirt has grown and how much more he can do now!

Speaking of what Squirt can do now the other day I taught him to give high fives. It’s the cutest thing ever. Usually when you say give me five he gives you about 3 high fives. Man that kid’s adorable.


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