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Dear People I Previously Called Dumb

Sorry about that. I was mistaken. Apparently nobody got in trouble, the instructors just decided there was too much work to be done last night and the guys shouldn’t have any distractions. No hard feelings?

Sincerely Fable


Step by Step

As I previously mentioned Squirt is totally digging this walking thing. right now.¬†When we’re out grocery shopping he gets so frustrated that he can’t walk instead of ride in the cart. It makes shopping a little frustrating because it only takes so long before he’s so fed up with the cart that he starts screeching at the top of his lungs. And I find it very hard to keep my composure when that begins. So the shopping gets hurriedly finished up, and I usually end up forgetting things.

But it’s so cool to see him toddling all over the apartment! He’s at the point that even if there’s a table or couch right there he’ll choose to walk on his own anyway. He’s just SO proud of himself that he can walk. It still excites him every time he does it. He gives a little yell of glee and then his funny little sound he makes when he’s all excited. It’s like a funny little roar that I absolutely love!

It’s sad that Pte Goof is missing it all, but I’m taking lots of pictures and videos for him to see! Too bad he has no internet so he won’t see them until he’s back to his posting, but oh well, at least they’ll be here waiting for him ūüôā

Dear Dumb People

You guys who somehow managed to get yourselves in enough trouble that your whole course had their electronics taken away… Now I can’t talk to Pte Goof, thank you so much for that.

Sincerely Fable

It’s the Weekend…

But it doesn’t feel like it. The last 2 months of boot camp Pte Goof was home almost every single weekend. But now he’s in Manitoba, so it’s not like I can just drive out there and pick him up for a couple nights. So it doesn’t feel like the weekend and I miss him.

My best friend (who I vow will have a nickname soon here) is coming over today. And this may make me a horrible person but I don’t want her to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’d just rather hang out here with Squirt and just be.¬†I avoid her all the time. Which drives her crazy because she hates it when she calls and you don’t call her back within 10 minutes. She’s one of those people who feel like since¬†you have¬†a cell phone you should¬†always be ready and waiting to take her calls and texts. and I’m just not like that. I don’t like being available 100% of the time. Sometimes I don’t want people to be¬†able to get a hold of me. And the fact that she gets so upset when I don’t call her back right away makes me often ignore her calls for days in a row. Why do I do this? I don’t know. but I do.

So there you have it. I’m awful.

Back in the Saddle

Ok, so I’m here. Hopefully you guys will hear a little more from me in the next little while. I almost guarantee you that you will since Pte Goof will be away for a month.

The last little while has been stressful. We thought that Pte Goof was going to be starting his occupational training, and we got him all packed, and took him to his new base only to find out that he actually had to leave on the 17th¬†to go to Manitoba for a month. And had they realized this he could have stayed home until then, but instead was stuck 5 hours from home. We decided Squirt and I would stay there at his sisters during this time since after that we can’t see him at all for a month. It was cozy to say the least as his sister’s place is only a bachelor. And it was stressful because after the first few nights Squirt realized that when he woke up through the night we were right there and he began to refuse to put himself back to sleep. By the last few nights I was only getting a few hours of sleep each night.

But we’re home now, and that stress is easing, but of course the Pte Goof’s away stress is mounting. I hate when he’s gone. I really do. I’m such a baby. Honestly, if we could somehow be together all the time I would snatch that offer up in a heartbeat. Last winter he had a hand injury (to be more exact a boxer’s fracture from when he punched the floor during an argument with me) he was off work for 3 months (!) and I loved it. It sucked because he couldn’t do anything and we had a brand new baby, and Pte Goof was horribly depressed after the death of someone very important to him, but I still loved having him there every single day. Ah well, such is life.

On a happier note Squirt is getting so good at walking! While we were away we got him the cutest pair of shoes because when we’re out shopping or something he so badly wants to walk, but I’m not about to let him walk about those floors in socks! Especially in the winter! So we busted out the new shoes and he has no idea what to make of them! When we put them on and stand him up at very first he flat-out refuses to move. Then he starts to¬†move and he does all these funny kicks like he’s a drunken cancan dancer. It’s hilarious. I can totally tell he’s thinking wtf did you put on my feet woman?

Hello Out There

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that once again, I’m not dead. Sorry for the total absenteeism lately. Soon I’ll be back to posting a little more often. We’ve been so crazy busy lately. I’ve only been home 1 out of the last 4 weeks. I’m very sick of visiting and sleeping in other people’s beds and trying to get Squirt to sleep in strange places. Sigh, I’m done complaining now.

Anywho, hope all’s well with you guys, and I’ll be home late Saturday night (actually early Sunday morning is more likely) so after I recuperate¬†I’ll be back ūüôā


Well this will be a quick one because there is much to do, and I want to get as much time in with Pte Goof as possible because tomorrow I’ll be dropping him off in 5 hours away. He’ll be there for 6 months. I’m sad to say¬†the least. But I guess you guys will benefit because I’ll probably have more time to blog now. Why on earth does anybody ever make a life with somebody in the military?