Do You Scrapbook?

This was the question asked me today in the grocery store. Potentially leading to a friendship…

Squirt and I just got back from grocery shopping. It was super busy, especially for 2:00 on a Tuesday. He was being a little monster. He has no use for carts right now because he just wants to walk. But OMG squirt loose in the grocery store? I don’t think so. So I’m trying to get my shopping done so I can, you know, feed us, and he is shrieking at the top of his lungs. Not crying, just yelling. Loudly. Incredibly.

So by the time he and I get to the cash register we’re both so fed up with each other. Me because I think he may have made 5 different people temporarily deaf. He because he just didn’t want to be in that cart anymore dammit. The line was long since it was so busy today. There was a mother and her little girl ahead of us. The mom looked a little older than me, maybe just a couple of years. She started talking to the little girl about the baby boy behind her, don’t you want to say hi to the cute little boy? The little girl was reluctant, being shy as little ones tend to be. Looking back now, I wonder if the mom was purposely trying to start a conversation to talk to me. The equivalent of using your kid as a wing man in the mommy friend world lol.

Eventually the little girl turned around, and as the mom lead the conversation she the three of us (the mom, the little girl, and I, since Squirt isn’t quite verbal yet) learned the kids names and ages. The little girl’s turning 3 next month.

I didn’t really think about it, I was just glad that there was something to distract Squirt from the fact that he was still strapped into that damn cart. and let me tell you, if anything’s going to distract him it’s a cute girl (he’s definitely his father’s child lol). The mom put her items through, paid, and started to bag her groceries. Our kids began to make faces at each other and giggled. I put my items through, paid, and was bagging, assuming the mom and little girl were already on their way out of the store. When suddenly I hear her say ‘Do you scrapbook’? I was so surprised. What a random question! From a woman I figured I’d never see again. I said why yes, I love to scrapbook. So she asked to exchange numbers since our kids like each other so much.

So there you have it guys. I may have a mommy friend. For some reason this makes me a little nervous (I’m not sure why), but excited


One response to “Do You Scrapbook?

  1. this sounds great 😀

    and Pte Goof may be coming home sounds even BETTER!!!
    I’m so happy for you

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