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New years Eve

I really wanted to write a post reflecting on this past year, but alas, there just isn’t time right now. Maybe I’ll write one once Pte. Goof is off for his occupational training (which is all too soon!) For now I’ll just say this, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy yourselves tonight. If you drink, don’t drive. End of story. If this past year was a bad one just hope that the one coming will be better. If it was a good year, here’s to another ūüôā

I’m not really one for resolutions, but this year I have one. I’m going to try to limit my junk food consumption to one day a week. the rest of the time healthy food ONLY! What about you? any resolutions?

Here comes 2010 everyone, are you ready?


Have a Merry One

Merry Christmas One and All!

Have a wonderful day! Hopefully full of presents and family and a few drinks :). Remember all your blessings.


Just a quicky to update you guys.

We are waist deep into it all now!

Squirt’s birthday party went absolutely¬†wonderful (I was SO nervous because it was the first time I’ve ever hosted anything, and I was worried¬†about space in out little apartment and all those people!).

Pte goof loved all the birthday gifts we brought to him on base.

His graduation from bmq went so well. He looked so good. I cried (what else is new). I had a hard time keeping it all together. it scared me. We really are a military family now. But he and the boys looked wonderful in parade.

Squirt took his first unassisted steps today!!! I’m so proud of the little bugger!! and so excited that he did it while his daddy was home!!

He¬†also had a doctor’s appointment for his one year shots and he’s had this scab that he keeps picking on his nose for about 2 weeks now. the last few days it’s look really bad after having almost healed¬†last week. Well apparently now it’s a staff infection and he’s on antibiotics. I’m not worried though. staff is pretty common. I’ve treated cows for the same thing.

Busy finishing up wrapping presents and all the handmade card I swore I would make.

He walked!!!!!! He’s growing up so fast!

Guess who comes home this weekend!

So tomorrow is the day. He’ll be home! I just want to warn you guys that over the next few weeks you might not hear too much¬†from me. With Pte Goof home I’ll have other things to do. Not to mention Christmas and Birthday parties and the like. I’ll try to get here every now and then though. Part of the problem is that Pte Goof doesn’t know I have a blog. And I’m not sure how he’d react if he did, so I can’t blog out in the open once he’s home. But I won’t disappear completely!


That’s it ladies¬†and gentlemen! Thursday is the day that Pte Goof comes home. For 3 1/2 weeks! I can hardly wait. Boot camp has been a long 3 months for me, and I can’t wait to wake up to Pte Goof every day! I know these holidays will just fly by, but not nearly as quickly as just a weekend.

In other news I’m starting to freak out. About getting Squirt’s birthday¬†party ready. About getting our Christmas shopping done. About getting it all wrapped. About getting my baking done (including a totally kick-ass birthday cake I want to make for Squirt). Sigh, it’s all coming up SUPER quick, and I’m starting to feel the pressure. Last year Christmas kinda got interrupted¬†by the early arrival¬†of Squirt (he wasn’t supposed¬†to come until the middle of January), so I kinda didn’t do much in the way of preparations for Christmas, just managed to get our butts to our families houses. SO this is my first “grown up” christmas. Not that we’re hosting (my God, I’m not ready for that kind of stress, not to mention there’s NO ROOM here). But just actually buying presents for everyone, and making cards, and all that stuff. Pair that with Squirt’s birthday, Pte Goof’s birthday that just passed and my dad’s birthday all within 10 days of Christmas, and it’s a little crazy.

Squirt’s¬†latest¬†thing is to go up to the TV, sippy cup in hand, and try to share with¬†the people on tv. It’s the cutest thing ever! He’s been really big on the sharing lately. If he’s got a goober covered cookie, you can bet he’ll try to jam it in your mouth. And his sippy cup, you’d better at least pretend to drink from it when he offers it to you, or you may get a fat lip from him trying to shove it between them!

One Year

My little Squirt turns 1 this week! I can hardly believe it! It has been a crazy year with births, a death and everything in between. I look at the little guy racing across my living room on all fours and all I can think is it was just yesterday he was a little bundle too little to feed so he couldn’t come home. But no, it was a year ago. A YEAR.

I’m happy, but I’m also sad. We won’t get to see Pte Goof on Squirt’s birthday. I’m so incredibly sad that he is missing his first birthday. It makes me cry.

When We Fell in love

I wrote this nearly a month ago with the intentions of going over it and posting it, but I never got around to it. But finally here it is. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath.

So this follows this post about the first time I met Pte Goof.¬†It isn’t really a great story. But I’ll tell it nonetheless.

So after the night we first me I didn’t see this ‘Spanky’ guy for at least six weeks. We both had our own things going on. I was busy milking cows and entertaining my friend who visited from the States. He was busy working construction and breaking up with this long distance girlfriend. I did think of him a couple times right after that night, but quickly I got busy and forgot about him.

Then on August 4th¬†2007 my friends and I made plans to meet at Ms Determined’s house and take a cab to the bars to get hammered and dance the night away. So I got all gussied¬†up (yep, not only do I say Gee, but I say gussied¬†too :)) and headed for¬†Ms Determined’s house booze in hand. On the way there she called me and said one of her friends had offered to drive, so we wouldn’t need a cab. Score! I knocked on the door and imagine my surprise when there sat ‘Spanky’ on her couch. He had just got his first car (a sliver 2003 Chevy¬†cavalier)¬†and was dying to show it off, so he had offered to drive! Quite quickly, once again in French Ms Determined informed me that ‘Spanky’ and his girlfriend had broken up! and she thought that he was hinting around that he might be interested in her.

Let me take a moment to fill you guys in on my friend Ms Determined. She’s a friend from high school I’ve been hanging out with her since gr 9. She is probably the only person I have ever met that is more determined than me. She’s a great friend but my God if you cross her you must have a death wish. She vindictive and a little greedy. When she thinks something is rightfully her”s (be it an object or person) you’d best leave it for her (I know, she’s not the nicest person ever).

Anyway, we hung out at Ms Determined’s house for a while drinking and listening to techno on her laptop. I remember ‘Spanky’ and I talking about a Benny Benassi¬†song that came on that we both liked. I downed probably 6 or 7 shots worth of¬†vodka in the bottom of my bottle in an effort to impress this Spanky guy.

Another friend showed up and needed a mixer for her booze and I offered¬†to walk with her to the corner store to get something. I asked her on the way if she knew ‘Spanky”. She had met him only once before. then I asked her if she knew his name, because¬†I had met him once before and missed it. She said she thought it was (Pte Goof) but she wasn’t sure.¬† I think I mentioned¬†that I thought he was cute or something, but the vodka was getting to me and I’m not sure anymore.

Once we decided to head to the bar me and the friend who had needed the mixer were standing outside at ‘Spanky’s’ car waiting for Ms Determined to come out so we could get going. By this point I was quite hammered and sure I was going to try and get ‘Spanky’. I do remember thinking to myself that he was sober and I wasn’t, and I was a little worried he was going to think I was an idiot. I asked my friend (who is Ms Determined’s bff) if she thought Ms Determined would kill me if I took the front seat. She laughed and said she wasn’t¬†sure. I decided it was worth the risk. This may not seem like much of a risk, but I gave Ms Determined that name for a reason. I was actually worried she’d get pissed. She is like the master of the freeze out. I am so glad I did.¬†‘Spanky’¬†talked the whole way up to the bar (there are only good dance bars like 15 mins from our town) and she flirted with her ex in the back.

At the bar Ms Determined’s¬†ex (another long time friend, also the one who threw the party where Pte Goof and I first met) and I started dancing. We usually did dance a bit when we went out. But this time he had a plan. We dance for probably like 3 minutes before he snagged ‘Spanky’ as he walked by and pretty much threw us together so we’d dance. I gave him a look of thanks because I had been trying to figure out how on Earth I was going to get him to start dancing with me.

Really Long story not so long, we ended up kissing on the dance floor, then left promising our friends we’d come back when they called to tell us they needed a ride home. We drove back into town and stopped at the beach. We got out of the car for a stroll. He held me as we looked at the water and talked and talked and talked (and didn’t talk). He told me about how he had always wanted to join the military. And how he and his girlfriend had broken up. I told him about my job on the farm. And how I was contemplating not returning to university in a month. I hadn’t told anybody that. At one point I stepped on his foot with my high heels and was too drunk to realize. He just stood there and took it. Sweet silly boy. Then when I realized I fell over trying to get off his foot in a hurry and he caught me. I’m pretty clumsy and to this day he still catches me frequently. And when he does I always say “you’re always there to catch me”.¬†

Our friends called around¬†2 am for us to come get them.¬†I had to work early again, and the plan was I was going to sleep at Ms Determined’s¬†house for all of¬†like 2 hours then drive myself to work. Well I decided¬†to skip the sleep part and after we dropped everyone off at her house Pte Goof and I drove out again to talk more. It was amazing. All of a sudden He said “I’m not really good at this, but you want to be¬†my girlfriend?”. At the time I was totally not planning on getting into a relationship. I had really hurt a guy in the spring because he didn’t understand the concept of casual (despite the fact that we had talked about, actually he was the on to suggest it), and I really didn’t want to do that again. My response was something along the lines of “Sure, for now, but I’m not making any promises”. I know I said “for now” a bunch of times.

When my alarm went off I had to drive straight to work. That was the hardest set of chores I have ever done. I was hung over as hell and exhausted from not sleeping. Thank God it was Sunday so I could do morning chores and then sleep it off at their place until afternoon chores. But it was all totally worth it!