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Home Again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

So I’m sure you guys figured out that I was busy visiting with Pte Goof  the last few days. But we’re back now. I’ve got so much catching up to do on my Google reader!

It was such a great trip. I’m so glad we got the chance before his course started up!

On friday Pte Goof’s Aunt and Uncle baby sat for us and we went out with his sister (who now has a name! Belle :)). It was so fun to go out drinking and dancing! I do miss the party life we had before Squirt came along. We didn’t stay out too late, because Pte Goof was a party pooper pretty tired, so we left well before his sister (and let me tell you, drunk Fable was NOT impressed with leaving so early on probably her only chance to go out until like Christmas). But it was such a blast! I forgot to bring clubbing shoes with me (ok, I’ll be totally honest, I may have ‘forgotten’ on purpose, so I had an excuse to buy new ones) and got these amazing red pumps! I have been looking for a pair of red high heels for 3 years! Yes 3 years! and I finally found some I love (and in my size, my feet are big!!).

And Saturday evening Belle babysat for us and Pte Goof and I went out for dinner just the two of us. It was such a lovely date. I haven’t had such a good time just the two of us in forever. We ate at this little Japanese restaurant we found. I’ve had sushi from the grocery store, but never really eaten Japanese. It was amazing! We absolutely loved it! My food had tentacles in it!!

And I crossed off an item on my life list (which I really should post here already, I talked about it months ago). Learning to eat with chopsticks. When I realized that  the restaurant only had chopsticks to eat with I nearly had a panic attack and told Pte Goof we had to leave. You see, I seem to have some sort of social anxiety. And I had kind of envisioned myself figuring out the whole chopstick thing by myself at home. Not in a restaurant where people could see me! Seriously, I almost made him leave with me. But the old Pte Goof stepped up and talked me down from the panic raising up inside and convinced me to stay and try it. And I am so glad and thankful. Not only did I get a fabulous meal, and cross off an item on my life list, I got to see Pte Goof taking care of me and being the sweet guy I know he is.

Oh! and I almost forgot! Another thing with my whole social anxiety, I have no confidence in my cooking skills, and very, very rarely cook for other people. It makes me so nervous. I only spent one year away at school and I had a meal plan then, so I haven’t had that much practice before moving in with Pte Goof. But Now that Squirt’s eating so much more variety and ‘grown-up’ food I’ve experimented with food for the two of us and have actually started to get a little better. So when we got there on thursday night I offered to make us all stir-fry. I was still a little nervous for how it would turn out, but it was delicious. Belle and Pte Goof seemed to enjoy it immensely :). Yay for over coming fears!

All in all it was the best time I’ve had in a long time. Now I’m just sad cause I miss him. But Easter’s not too far away!