Cast and Crew

So here’s a little guide to the people I write about, it’s pretty short now, but as time goes on, I’m sure it will be expanded.


Pte Goof

The love of my life. The silly little boy turned soldier who’s thrown me into this military life. The wonderous man who drives me nuts! The father of my little boy. Also, he’s my finance, even though I call myself a military ‘spouse’ we’re not married quite yet. He’s finally finished his signal operator training and we live together as a family (yay!!).


The cutest boy in the entire universe. My light. My reason to get up in the morning. My sweet little boy. Our happy accident. He’s just 2 years old and learning new things every single day. It’s truly wondrous to watch! He loves Elmo and making us laugh. He’s not particularly verbal yet, but I’m sure that will come.

Supporting Cast :

Miss Stiles

One of my two very best friends in the world. We’ve been friends since grade 9, ‘besties’ since grade 11. I love her so much she drives me absolutely insane. She’s got an oppinion on  everything.


Pte Goof’s sister. Very very sweet, but a little… enthusiastic at times. A truly awesome sister-in-law though. She’s totally in love with Squirt. Belle because she’s absolutely stunning.

Ms Determined

Another friend from high school. Determined just about sums her up! She’s studying in Ottawa.


Ms. Determined’s bff. a friend from high school. Great wonderful lady. I’m so inspired by her, I wish I could see her more often, but she, like most of my friends, is away at school.