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So remember how I opened my big mouthhere and totally bragged about how great this time change had been and how I was getting extra sleep? Well yeah, I totally jinxed it, as I predicted.

Last night Squirt was super tired. We had gone on a little walk (where I actually let him walk on the sidewalk instead of in the stroller or the backpack) after supper, and although he loved every minute of it, it totally tuckered him out. Once we got home about 45 minutes before bedtime he was totally done in. 15 minutes later when he pulled me over to his crib and babbled incoherently, but in very distressed tones while pointing inside I figured that even though it was half on hour early he was totally ready for bed now. And he was. Jammies, bottle, story, out. No problem.

Until this morning when he woke up 2 and a half hours early.

Combine that with the fact that Pte Goof was up with the same cold we have (we were kind enough to share with him before we left our last visit), and decided to text me at 1:30 am because I’m usually still up (but of course, last night, since I was sick I was actually able to get to sleep for a change) and woke me, and I’m pretty darn tired.

When Squirt goes down for his nap I’m going to see if I can get one in too. Tonight we have plans to have dinner with my MIL, but if I feel like this I may just postpone until tomorrow, she’ll understand, she knows we’re both sick.



I don’t knowher, I’ve never read her blog. She’s a friend of one of the blogs I read, and a friend of a friend of another. Just go give her a little support if you could. I can only imagine. I’m going to go cry some more now.

Time Change

I’m sure now that I’m saying it out loud I will totally jinx it, but this time change has been wonderful! It has come at the perfect time!

I say this because since Squirt is sick I’ve had no problems getting him to go to bed at the new time, but he’s still waking up at the old time! You read that right! I’m now getting an extra (very needed) hour of sleep a night! It’s very needed because as I’ve mentioned before I have major issues falling asleep when Pte Goof’s not here (I feel so lame when I say that, but it’s true), and am awake way too late every night. No matter what time I got to bed.

The new schedule is also helping me move Squirt’s only nap from morning to the afternoon, which I have tried to do for a few weeks now. Since he’s getting up an hour later, and has an hour more sleep it’s not very hard to keep him up longer in the morning. the reason I’m trying to shift his nap is because he’s such a super naper, he’ll nap anywhere from an hour and a half to three (!) hours. But then there’s no way you’re going to get a second nap in. When that one and only nap is from 10-1, it makes it a long haul to get to bedtime, and he’s super tired and a little cranky by the end of the day. I’d like to get to the point where I feed him lunch at noon and nap right after, and we’re getting super close!

I don’t know if this will stick once he’s feeling better, but for now it’s fabulous!

It’s not like I wrote the Answers on my Hand

I feel like I’m somehow cheating.

When you spend any amount of time in the blogosphere, it doesn’t take very long to see that people can be mean. People can be really mean. And whereas, for the most part, in face to face contact people tend to try to keep their meanness under wraps, and we all go about smiling at each other and holding doors open (like I said, for the most part). There’s something about the anonymity of the internet that somehow lets people open up the whole can of meanness inside. the things people say to each other sometimes astounds me.

Now, I know that I haven’t really been around all that long, and that I really don’t have that much of a following to be mean to me, but my time here on the internet has been downright pleasant. I’m sure now that I’ve said this the crazies will come out of the woodwork to mock me for Lord knows what.

When I was first deciding to start a blog I seriously considered first whether or not I could handle people judging what I said. Who I am. What kind of parent I am. And I knew that this blog would be mostly about my relationship with Pte goof and motherhood, because those are the two biggest things in my life. And those are two topics that people on the outside just love to judge. Love to come over and muscle their way in, drop their insults and slander pearls of wisdom, and leave. I just assumed that it would happen to me too. and I’m sure if I blog long enough, it will.

But so far, it’s been lovely. people have been welcoming and encouraging, so thank-you internet 🙂

Sand Monster

So a friend of mine is home this week visiting. You may remember her as Ms Determined’s best friend here. She called me up and we made plans to go for a walk.

The weather has been absolutely lovely (minus the whole weekend we visited Pte Goof when it was pissing rain and cold)! Squirt and I have enjoyed walks several times a week. So this friend (hmm… let’s call her Carnelian, like the colour (she’s white though, my town’s pretty darn white)) and I decided to meet up for a walk in this lovely weather.

And we discovered a park so close to our building it’s crazy I didn’t know it was there! So Carnelian and I took Squirt on the swings (he still prefers swinging on my lap in a big swing than in one of those baby swing) and down the slides and let him ride one of those horse thingies (what do you call those? they sit on a big spring in the sand, with handles, they’re not always horses… usually made of metal). He had such a good time despite his cold. and apparently he doesn’t like walking on sand (which was still pretty wet and springy). It was the funniest thing, he’d walk along the path, having a blast, then something would catch his eye and he’d take off not noticing the sand, then suddenly he’d realize he wasn’t on the pavement anymore and he’d stop dead. He’s kind of wiggle, like he was testing the sand, then he’d look around for me and say ‘up!’ We tried to encourage him to keep walking, but he’d only walk on the sand while holding my hand. Silly little guy.

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the apartment with a friend, and I’m so excited about the park so close!

And I almost forgot!! Squirt knows where his nose and his ears are! 🙂

Cough Cough

That is the joyful sound of a sick toddler. Squirt is sick. Joy. So far he’s been pretty good. He’s not whiny or anything. He just has a really phlegm-y cough and a runny nose. And he’s  a little extra tired. He actually took two naps yesterday. He hasn’t taken two naps in like a month. I’m hoping that it’ll stick like this. Yes he’s sick, but he’s not overly cranky.

I really hope he doesn’t get all cranky because I can tell I’m coming down with whatever he has too. Usually when I get a cold I get a few days of runny nose and lots and lots of coughing, then get over it. But every now and then, I’m going to say every 2-3 years, when I’m run down I’ll get a cold and it will just blow me over. I’ll be sick for about 2 months. I’ll cough and cough so bad I can’t get any sleep. I’ll lose all apatite. And it’s been about 2 years since I’ve gotten sick like that. I’m hoping the stress of Pte Goof being away, and the lack of sleep I get when he’s gone doesn’t mean I’m run down enough to get sick like that. So right now I’m trying to take really good care of myself so that doesn’t happen.

In other news Pte Goof has started his course and they’ve taken away all electronics. I don’t understand how being able to text your family or talk to them on msn for a bit a night will make you a worse soldier. I really don’t get it.

Home Again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

So I’m sure you guys figured out that I was busy visiting with Pte Goof  the last few days. But we’re back now. I’ve got so much catching up to do on my Google reader!

It was such a great trip. I’m so glad we got the chance before his course started up!

On friday Pte Goof’s Aunt and Uncle baby sat for us and we went out with his sister (who now has a name! Belle :)). It was so fun to go out drinking and dancing! I do miss the party life we had before Squirt came along. We didn’t stay out too late, because Pte Goof was a party pooper pretty tired, so we left well before his sister (and let me tell you, drunk Fable was NOT impressed with leaving so early on probably her only chance to go out until like Christmas). But it was such a blast! I forgot to bring clubbing shoes with me (ok, I’ll be totally honest, I may have ‘forgotten’ on purpose, so I had an excuse to buy new ones) and got these amazing red pumps! I have been looking for a pair of red high heels for 3 years! Yes 3 years! and I finally found some I love (and in my size, my feet are big!!).

And Saturday evening Belle babysat for us and Pte Goof and I went out for dinner just the two of us. It was such a lovely date. I haven’t had such a good time just the two of us in forever. We ate at this little Japanese restaurant we found. I’ve had sushi from the grocery store, but never really eaten Japanese. It was amazing! We absolutely loved it! My food had tentacles in it!!

And I crossed off an item on my life list (which I really should post here already, I talked about it months ago). Learning to eat with chopsticks. When I realized that  the restaurant only had chopsticks to eat with I nearly had a panic attack and told Pte Goof we had to leave. You see, I seem to have some sort of social anxiety. And I had kind of envisioned myself figuring out the whole chopstick thing by myself at home. Not in a restaurant where people could see me! Seriously, I almost made him leave with me. But the old Pte Goof stepped up and talked me down from the panic raising up inside and convinced me to stay and try it. And I am so glad and thankful. Not only did I get a fabulous meal, and cross off an item on my life list, I got to see Pte Goof taking care of me and being the sweet guy I know he is.

Oh! and I almost forgot! Another thing with my whole social anxiety, I have no confidence in my cooking skills, and very, very rarely cook for other people. It makes me so nervous. I only spent one year away at school and I had a meal plan then, so I haven’t had that much practice before moving in with Pte Goof. But Now that Squirt’s eating so much more variety and ‘grown-up’ food I’ve experimented with food for the two of us and have actually started to get a little better. So when we got there on thursday night I offered to make us all stir-fry. I was still a little nervous for how it would turn out, but it was delicious. Belle and Pte Goof seemed to enjoy it immensely :). Yay for over coming fears!

All in all it was the best time I’ve had in a long time. Now I’m just sad cause I miss him. But Easter’s not too far away!