Monthly Archives: March 2012


Pretty much since he went back out west they’ve had him up north on exercise. Had we still been together yesterday would have been the first time Squirt and I had seen him since the beginning of January. Because he’s back home now. Back in what was our apartment. Better yet he’s off work for a couple weeks. Right now we should be getting in all kinds of awesome family time. Instead I *know* his friends are dying to take him out as a single man. So instead of hanging out in our jammies and playing video games together he’s going to be going out. Single. And I’m obsessing about it. I can’t turn my damn brain off. I try and I try but my mind just won’t shut the hell up. How many days will it be before he’s bringing some other woman home to our apartment? To do things in our bed? On *my* sheets? Oh I know it is so *stupid* to be obsessing about this. I know that I am doing myself no good even thinking about it. But I just can’t help it. Since he was on his flight back home I have not been able to stop it. I’m driving myself absolutely insane. I know how these guys get when they’re out on exercise. I know how he will be when he comes home. It was usually the best sex we had. Only now he’ll be having it with someone else, and I just can’t handle it. How the hell do I turn my brain off? cause these days even wine won’t do it.