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Oh Mr Paisley

Ok, by no means a new song or anything, just have a laugh…


A Tiny Experiment

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to just sit down at the computer and type and see what comes out, I half expect that in the end it will be garbage and will rot in my drafts folder, but if you’re reading this I must have decided that it was at least ok enough to post (or I just posted it even if it wasn’t ok lol).

When I was quite little, probably about 8 I always thought about how when we paint rooms over and over they get smaller and smaller. My parents never had much money for redecorating, but every few years we kids we allowed to pick out a paint colour and we’d paint our rooms. My room went through about 5 different pinks before I went with a really pretty lilac colour that didn’t change until I moved in with Pte Goof and my little brother moved into that room and painted it dark blue. (I have twin brothers, have I ever mentioned that?). Anyways, as a kid this painting making a room smaller thing was something that I thought of quite a bit. I was pretty silly and was all convinced I’d drop that knowledge on an adult one day and they’d be all impressed that I had come up with such brilliance.

Then one day commercials were on TV for Seinfeld reruns. And there was Kramer, spouting off my theory! I knew from then on that if I ever shared this theory with anyone, they would assume that I had gotten it from Seinfeld! They wouldn’t think I was some brilliant prodigy, but just some kid who watched tv. Like there aren’t millions and millions of them! I was so mad!

It still bugs me a little bit. I don’t really know why, probably just leftover indignation from my childhood self.
Well there you have it folks. Probably the randomest and dullest story ever written, but I’m going to hit publish anyway…

Blogging is a Strange Thing

So, ever since I posted that I thought that I was done with this blog I’ve had that itch. If you blog you know that one that I’m talking about. The itch that makes one want to blog in the first place. So, I’m going to see where this takes me. I’m not going to pressure myself. If I don’t feel like blogging I won’t. Simple as that. I won’t feel bad about it if I’m away for a while (ok, well I’m sure I’ll still feel bad, but I won’t let it get to me so badly that I feel like I simply can’t sit down and write).

When I do feel like blogging I will. I think I’m going to stick more with little snippets rather than long posts. Just seems to suit my mood lately . I know that much of my lack of blogging has come from not being sure what to share and what not to share, but also from the fact that I feel like unless I write a long(ish) post, what’s the point? Focusing on shorter snippets will solve both those problems as I’m less likely to over-share in a short post, and if I’m only planning on shorter posts, I won’t feel bad about not writing long ones. (Mind you, who knows how long that will last, next week I could feel like writing entire novellas every time I sit down haha).

So, we shall see where this leads.

Pillow Talk

Let me start this off by saying that Goof is not so good with words. I constantly find myself “translating” for him when we’re talking with other people because he’s not very good at getting across what he means. I’ve even had to clarify for his mom what he meant on numerous occasions, his own mother can’t understand what he’s getting at some times. He also fits the male stereotype of not being very good with emotions.

2 years ago, just before Christmas (like just days before) Goof’s step-dad (who was in all senses of the word, aside from biologically his dad. He called him Dad, his biological father he calls by his first name.). It was very, very hard for him and has affected him profoundly. This time of year is now very hard for him as it makes him think about the man he misses so much.

Last night as we were cuddling in bed before drifting off to sleep Goof says to me. “I would give anything to spend Christmas with my Dad”. I didn’t really say anything but squeezed his hand. Upon further reflection, “Well almost anything, I wouldn’t give Squirt. Or you”

Not poetry folks, but certainly enough to make my heart melt!

Oh Dear

I think this blog is in its death throes. Makes me want to cry, but I think it’s true anyway.