I‘ve always hated valentines day. Well not always when I was really little I loved giving and receiving those little cards with princesses or ninja turtles on them at school. (I’ve since come to realise that had we not had the rule, you bring cards for everyone or no one, I wouldn’t have gotten very many, and my hate for valentine’s day would probably have started even earlier). But for years I’ve hated the day. Single or otherwise.

For a long time I was one of those ‘it’s so commercial’ blah blah blah people. I made the one highschool boyfriend I had on the day promise he wouldn’t get me anything. I was the girl who without fail wore all black on valentine’s day. ‘I don’t need the card companies to remind me to tell my loved ones I love them’.

Since then I’ve become less angry about it. It’s just another day. I was releived when before our first valentines day Pte Goof agreed that he’s not really into it either. Our first valentines day I didn’t even see him. He worked and I babysat my boss’s son so they could go out for dinner. Our second valentines day I was home with our new little baby, and he was off work with his busted hand. I don’t even remember the day. We didn’t do anything special. And that was fine by me.

This year?  This year it’s just another reason to remind me I’m apart from Pte Goof.


One response to “Vday

  1. oooh honey 😦 you are only apart physically (and not emotionally), though i don’t think i could relate to how you must feel having your fianceé so far away

    i agree with you, i don’t think valentie’s day is that important, and i tend to stay at home because i see all the couples around me being too loving and too cute, and i see the fakeness in it… i even went to a shop this week that had a sign “love doesn’t have a price, but it has a date”.. and i honestly thought it was awful

    i did post about valentine’s day, but only ’cause my anniversary is the 16th

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