This is Why I Get Grey Hairs

Perhaps someone out there can settle a little debate I’ve got going on here. You see, Pte Goof will not allow me to get one of those leashes for Squirt. You know, those kid leashes so the little rascals can’t get away from you. I know, I know, some people really hate these things for various reasons. I certainly wouldn’t want to use it all the time. But there are particular situations where I think one would be just lovely. Like at the beach. I could plunk down close to the water, give him enough leash that he can just get to the edge of the water, and then I could actually relax on the beach rather than spend the entire time corralling Squirt. I’d still be right there, pretty much within arm’s reach, hearing and seeing and supervising, but I could actually sit down. I’d still get up and play with him all the fun games we play together at the beach, but I’d be able to take 10 or 15 minutes to sit and enjoy watching him without him taking off on me. This is just one example of when I think a leash would just make my time so much more enjoyable.

Now. Pte Goof on the other hand. Well, no son of his is going to wear some leash like a tied up animal. I know that quite a few people feel this way. No amount of “But I want to be able to enjoy myself” or “You’re away so often [like all last year until Sept], it gets so tiring to always be the one chasing him” or “It’s not like I’d use it all the time, or that I’d ignore him when I do” will sway him.

But, there is one huge but here. But, he has absolutely no problem making. our. son. dance. for. treats. just. like. his. mom’s. stupid. dog. And I mean just the same. He uses things like grapes and holds them over Squirt’s head and tells him to dance for it. Now how on Earth can he possibly say I’m the one who wants to treat our son like an animal? Not only that, but when I pointed out how that was treating him like an animal, which is exactly why I was forbidden to get a leash, he refused to stop doing it.

Common, someone’s got to agree with me that if Goof can do something so degrading to the poor boy I should be able to buy a little sanity with a leash…?


2 responses to “This is Why I Get Grey Hairs

  1. i actually don’t agree with either… poor Squirt… though you deserve your sanity, a leash is going to make you “THAT” mother, unfortunately, for you to regain your sanity, Squirt needs to turn around 50….
    but making him dance for treats?? that’s also kind of “animaly”… and immature…

    maybe the solution is to get a dog… πŸ˜› it can entertain Squirt (and a female dog will even look after him), and you can make it dance…

  2. I believe strongly in the sanity of a “leash”! When I was not quite 3 years old (1983), my parents ran into some friends at the LA County fair, and took their eyes off of me for just 10 seconds, and **POOF**, I was gone. Now, if you know anything about the LA County Fair, you’d know its huge! It’s bigger than the 3 mile wide, 5,000 people town I live in today!! They started to panic, and the officials started closing down the entrances, and sending people out to help find me. It took them a half hour to find me, but I was in the next building, in with the cows, just a talking quietly away with them!

    I was such an inquisitive young child that I spent a LOT of time on a leash. I don’t resent my parents for that at all. In fact, I was probably safer on the leash than wandering around.

    I now have a very inquisitive 3 year old girl who also loves to just ‘take off ‘! She scares me to death at times! I have put a leash on her many times, and yes, though I get some very quizzical stares, and even some “How Dare You?” stares, I ignore them. My child’s safety is above everything else that people think!

    BTW, My daughter learned how to say Please and Thank You with the help of M&M’s along with: Sit, Roll Over, Sit-up, Play Dead, and Speak. It was too funny. I still play Fetch with her once in a while to help her burn off energy! πŸ™‚

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