A Tiny Experiment

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to just sit down at the computer and type and see what comes out, I half expect that in the end it will be garbage and will rot in my drafts folder, but if you’re reading this I must have decided that it was at least ok enough to post (or I just posted it even if it wasn’t ok lol).

When I was quite little, probably about 8 I always thought about how when we paint rooms over and over they get smaller and smaller. My parents never had much money for redecorating, but every few years we kids we allowed to pick out a paint colour and we’d paint our rooms. My room went through about 5 different pinks before I went with a really pretty lilac colour that didn’t change until I moved in with Pte Goof and my little brother moved into that room and painted it dark blue. (I have twin brothers, have I ever mentioned that?). Anyways, as a kid this painting making a room smaller thing was something that I thought of quite a bit. I was pretty silly and was all convinced I’d drop that knowledge on an adult one day and they’d be all impressed that I had come up with such brilliance.

Then one day commercials were on TV for Seinfeld reruns. And there was Kramer, spouting off my theory! I knew from then on that if I ever shared this theory with anyone, they would assume that I had gotten it from Seinfeld! They wouldn’t think I was some brilliant prodigy, but just some kid who watched tv. Like there aren’t millions and millions of them! I was so mad!

It still bugs me a little bit. I don’t really know why, probably just leftover indignation from my childhood self.
Well there you have it folks. Probably the randomest and dullest story ever written, but I’m going to hit publish anyway…


3 responses to “A Tiny Experiment

  1. I have had so many of those moments…. when, I just knew, if I had said it first, everyone would have been coping me instead of the tv lol

  2. LOL… you had a huge imagination back then i’d say!!!
    i’m glad you’re blogging again, i should try it too….

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