Pillow Talk

Let me start this off by saying that Goof is not so good with words. I constantly find myself “translating” for him when we’re talking with other people because he’s not very good at getting across what he means. I’ve even had to clarify for his mom what he meant on numerous occasions, his own mother can’t understand what he’s getting at some times. He also fits the male stereotype of not being very good with emotions.

2 years ago, just before Christmas (like just days before) Goof’s step-dad (who was in all senses of the word, aside from biologically his dad. He called him Dad, his biological father he calls by his first name.). It was very, very hard for him and has affected him profoundly. This time of year is now very hard for him as it makes him think about the man he misses so much.

Last night as we were cuddling in bed before drifting off to sleep Goof says to me. “I would give anything to spend Christmas with my Dad”. I didn’t really say anything but squeezed his hand. Upon further reflection, “Well almost anything, I wouldn’t give Squirt. Or you”

Not poetry folks, but certainly enough to make my heart melt!


3 responses to “Pillow Talk

  1. Awwwww. Too cute!

  2. he loves you two too much 🙂
    this is so niceee

  3. yes, it was so lovely. I was expecting him just to say Squirt!

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