So I just realized yesterday that my blog will be turning one tomorrow! (which, by the way, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do to celebrate that… I’m open for suggestions).  Because I realized this I took a little trip down memory lane and read a few of my very first posts. This is what struck me. Holy crap, Pte Goof and I are doing so much better! I mean, we’re still having a little trouble with things. We’re both hot headed and stubborn, but wow, when I started this blog I was almost at my whits end with things. Really, that’s why I started this blog. I just couldn’t handle all the stress and didn’t feel like I had anybody to confide in.

This all got me thinking. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so bad with the blogging lately. I don’t need it like I used to. I mean, I still have tons of troubles and stresses,  and this blog can still be a wonderful outlet, but I’m not quite so ready to crumble as I was when I started this a year ago. This makes me a little sad. Obviously it’s a good thing if my relationship with Goof isn’t nearly as bad and strained as it was back then, but I don’t want to out grow this little peice of internet I love so much.

I guess I need to think about what I want this blog to be now. It’s no longer about how Pte Goof doesn’t want to marry me. I no longer feel like I can share just anything. So what is this blog now? Why do I still need this in my life?

I’m not sure.


5 responses to “Wow

  1. I still need my blog, and I’ve been blogging for five years now. One would think I would be getting tired of it..but I need it still. I need it to talk to about random crap, unimportant things, important things, things I want to do or be. It’s basically around so I don’t talk Matt’s ear off 😉

    • I totally hear you! I just need to ramble sometimes, and Pte Goof can only listen to my yammering so much! but… well I am just not sure. Not to worry, not quite ready to throw in the towel here, just trying to figure out what this is to me now

  2. I have blogged for 8 years. This coming March will make 9. One thing I have learned, blogging is all about you and what you want. Readers, no readers, it is purely you. There are times when I will go months without writing, mostly since it is all the exact same and I get so tired of writing the same thing. Other reasons because I don’t know just how much of myself to expose. And even more times because I just draw a blank when I sit to write lol.
    There once was a time, where I would give my blog a new look on its anniversary. Or I would invite someone to blog on my blog for a day. Or I would have my readers ask any question, no matter what, and I would answer them all.
    Beyond that, blog because you want to blog. =)

    • I’m thinking that my current funk is definitely in the “don’t know how much of myself to expose” category. Especially with the anonymity. As for the anniversary, well I posted this over 2 months ago and the anniversary went unmarked. Oh well, c’est la vie.

      • Two months ago, I was still getting my computer back and didn’t get to read any of my blog favs. But now that I am back, I will watch the dates! HAHA. There have been many times I let the actual anni fly by without anything, then celebrate it months, once even half a year, later. Sometimes I just skip a year all together. Like the one coming up, I probably wont do anything for it, since I am doing all the design stuff now…

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