Meanest blogger ever? perhaps!

Sorry guys! I was busy getting ready to go away when I took that test, and I was just so freaked out about it I needed a little outlet! I TOTALLY never meant to leave it hanging that long! I remembered in the car that I never posted the results, and then it was too late as I had no internet all week…  I’m very sorry!

Anyways, the test was negative, I’m very relieved and a little sad at the same time. But with our impending move to Alberta, it’s probably just as well!


2 responses to “One

  1. well… you are moving away hun… so may be it’s best… maybe not… WHO KNOWS??

    i love you 🙂

    • lol thanks. I’m sure it really is for the best… we do want another, but not for a while yet (ok, well he doesn’t want one for a while yet… I kinda want one right now ha)

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