So I totally have a confession to make.

Squirt it still on the bottle.

He’s over 18 months now, and he still gets a bottle at nap time and another at bed time (and if I’m being totally honest, I still bring one with me to any event so I can give it to him if he just won’t shut up in a crowd! I know, lazy mothering or what?). Everything else is always in a sippy cup. He’s pro with a sippy. He’s been using them for months. And yet the bottle persists. I’m just not even sure how to get him to settle down to sleep without one. He’s pretty addicted to them too. Just mention the word bottle and he rushes over to the fridge to anticipate his next milky hit. If he sees one, you had better be planning on giving it to him, or you will feel his wrath!

I was on the bottle late too. My mom always says I was on it too long. She finally had to reason with me (because I was that old) and told me that once I chewed these nipples up (because I would walk around the house and chew them to bits) she wasn’t going to buy anymore. I remember using a bottle. No word of a lie. I can quite specifically remember how it felt in my hands.

I do feel better about it that Squirt doesn’t wander around with one all day. But I feel guilty about it. I just need to tough it out and teach him to go to sleep without one. But OMG it’s going to be a battle. He completely expects a bottle to help him drift off to sleep… sigh. I recently (as in yesterday)  cut it back to half a bottle instead of a whole. So far there’s been no problem with that. But he’s still getting that fix each time.

I’m not really sure what to do about it to be honest.


2 responses to “Confession

  1. i don’t think it’s such a big deal… but i’m not a mother….

    i think its normal for kids to have a bottle before bed… you could change the bottle with the sippy cup with milk in it….

    • I may try that, actually. I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal, like I said I was on the bottle a long time, but as a parent it’s just so hard not to be super critical of yourself and everything you do or don’t do for your child.

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