I wish I was funny.

I always have. As a kid I always wanted to be the one to make to group laugh. The one with the witty replies and snappy comebacks.  The one who always had the funniest spin on their stories. But I’m not. I mean, I get my friends to chuckle every now and then. I can make Miss Stiles break out in great big peals of laughter, but she’s a laugh slut, so that’s no big accomplishment.

These days I specifically wish I had a funny blog. I love bloggers like her, and  her, and her, and her, because they make me laugh (sometimes to the point of tears). I wish I had this flair for the funny. (So many of these bloggers are wonderful story tellers and great at emotional writing too, talent hogs!)  I wish I could sit down at my keyboard and tap out some story about what Squirt did or Pte Goof said that would have your sides ache. Sadly I don’t have that talent. So you can come here and mostly listen to me whine.

And that’s OK. I mean, I started this blog to find some community. And I’ve definitely found that. 🙂


One response to “ROFL

  1. apandorabox

    i’m proud to be part of your community 🙂
    we don’t need to be funny bloggers if we make each other laugh more often than not in twitter

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