I am so damn sick of the colour white (yes I’m Canadian, I spell colour with a u, and favourite too, and I spell it centre, not center). Really. I hate white. I just want to paint so badly. Paint is such a great (and relatively cheap way) to change a space completely. All of my walls are white. My fridge is white. the tile of my tub surround is white. The tile on my bathroom floor is white. My counter top is mostly white. The cabinet above the toilet is white. Out blinds are white. All our trim is white. The doors are white. The baseboards are white.

I’m sick of white. We’re not allowed to paint. We’re obviously not going to change the tile or counter top. We can change the window treatments, but anything showing outside has to be white or off white.

I want a house. So much. I know that once we have one there will be days when I long for the simplicity of apartment living, but right now I feel so cooped up! Especially since the weather has been so wonderful as of late. I hate that we have to go somewhere just to go outside. We can’t just step out into our yard and chill. Even a balcony would be so lovely.

Once Pte Goof’s done his training he’ll get a posting ans we’ll pick up and move out to wherever that is. And we’ll probably be in an apartment there too. Which is fine. I should be thankful that we can afford a place of our own, and for me to stay home. Really, we’re lucky considering how young and unprepared we were for all this. But I still get that itch. I want to decorate this place. Make it ours.


4 responses to “White

  1. My suggestion: buy a bunch of colourful art and decor 🙂 pick a colour for each room and buy things to add splashes of colour (paintings, pillows, candles, etc etc). I love the home asile in Sears, and Home Sense is bomb too. Even Walmart has some awesome decorations for the house in the craft asile!

    Love the header by the way 😀

  2. My suggestion part 2;

    get those white blinds (they can be wooden, or plastic) and put them on all your windows. You can still get colourful curtains, just make sure you close both at night! It will colour up your world 🙂


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