So remember how I opened my big mouthhere and totally bragged about how great this time change had been and how I was getting extra sleep? Well yeah, I totally jinxed it, as I predicted.

Last night Squirt was super tired. We had gone on a little walk (where I actually let him walk on the sidewalk instead of in the stroller or the backpack) after supper, and although he loved every minute of it, it totally tuckered him out. Once we got home about 45 minutes before bedtime he was totally done in. 15 minutes later when he pulled me over to his crib and babbled incoherently, but in very distressed tones while pointing inside I figured that even though it was half on hour early he was totally ready for bed now. And he was. Jammies, bottle, story, out. No problem.

Until this morning when he woke up 2 and a half hours early.

Combine that with the fact that Pte Goof was up with the same cold we have (we were kind enough to share with him before we left our last visit), and decided to text me at 1:30 am because I’m usually still up (but of course, last night, since I was sick I was actually able to get to sleep for a change) and woke me, and I’m pretty darn tired.

When Squirt goes down for his nap I’m going to see if I can get one in too. Tonight we have plans to have dinner with my MIL, but if I feel like this I may just postpone until tomorrow, she’ll understand, she knows we’re both sick.


2 responses to “Jinxed

  1. Got to love walks that tire the kids out. If we can keep the rain away, which is rather hard for Germany during the spring, I plan on after dinner walks with the kids and dog again. We don’t go far, just around the base. Don’t like taking the dog off base, she isn’t too friendly. But it will be nice to start our evening walks again! Hope you get a good nap!!

  2. oh well! may be it will be better…

    just it case, wait for a while before you post it, so you don’t jinx it again

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