Time Change

I’m sure now that I’m saying it out loud I will totally jinx it, but this time change has been wonderful! It has come at the perfect time!

I say this because since Squirt is sick I’ve had no problems getting him to go to bed at the new time, but he’s still waking up at the old time! You read that right! I’m now getting an extra (very needed) hour of sleep a night! It’s very needed because as I’ve mentioned before I have major issues falling asleep when Pte Goof’s not here (I feel so lame when I say that, but it’s true), and am awake way too late every night. No matter what time I got to bed.

The new schedule is also helping me move Squirt’s only nap from morning to the afternoon, which I have tried to do for a few weeks now. Since he’s getting up an hour later, and has an hour more sleep it’s not very hard to keep him up longer in the morning. the reason I’m trying to shift his nap is because he’s such a super naper, he’ll nap anywhere from an hour and a half to three (!) hours. But then there’s no way you’re going to get a second nap in. When that one and only nap is from 10-1, it makes it a long haul to get to bedtime, and he’s super tired and a little cranky by the end of the day. I’d like to get to the point where I feed him lunch at noon and nap right after, and we’re getting super close!

I don’t know if this will stick once he’s feeling better, but for now it’s fabulous!


3 responses to “Time Change

  1. I really miss nap time. Little Bird used to take two naps. One from 9-11:30, then one from 1:30-4. Until he started school, then he would nap from when he got home, till supper time. Now I can’t get him to nap to save my life!

  2. good luck with this! I totally envy your kid! when we had daylight saving here in Argentina my sleep was completely effed up…

    hope he keeps it up 🙂 it’s very important to have good sleeping habits for kids

  3. Thanks Guys. He’s been asleep since my fisrt post today, and he’s still fast asleep right now. I’ve showered and done dishes and lurked around the internet. I know how lucky I am 🙂

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