It’s not like I wrote the Answers on my Hand

I feel like I’m somehow cheating.

When you spend any amount of time in the blogosphere, it doesn’t take very long to see that people can be mean. People can be really mean. And whereas, for the most part, in face to face contact people tend to try to keep their meanness under wraps, and we all go about smiling at each other and holding doors open (like I said, for the most part). There’s something about the anonymity of the internet that somehow lets people open up the whole can of meanness inside. the things people say to each other sometimes astounds me.

Now, I know that I haven’t really been around all that long, and that I really don’t have that much of a following to be mean to me, but my time here on the internet has been downright pleasant. I’m sure now that I’ve said this the crazies will come out of the woodwork to mock me for Lord knows what.

When I was first deciding to start a blog I seriously considered first whether or not I could handle people judging what I said. Who I am. What kind of parent I am. And I knew that this blog would be mostly about my relationship with Pte goof and motherhood, because those are the two biggest things in my life. And those are two topics that people on the outside just love to judge. Love to come over and muscle their way in, drop their insults and slander pearls of wisdom, and leave. I just assumed that it would happen to me too. and I’m sure if I blog long enough, it will.

But so far, it’s been lovely. people have been welcoming and encouraging, so thank-you internet 🙂


5 responses to “It’s not like I wrote the Answers on my Hand

  1. I have noticed, the mean ones come out when you have a really large following and are linked on many sites. If you keep yourself rather small and don’t have every search engine pinging your site, you can keep the crazies away.

    I have been blogging since 02. I started on a blog website, where every new entry, unless private, was posted on the website’s front page. That brought the crazies out of the wood work. Once I went self hosted, I only gave the link to close friends. Which it did spread a little from there, but we were all friends and not many judged. I moved my main blog over to blogger to give myself a clean start. It is private and set to keep.

    Now I have my new blog and I keep it semi private. I don’t have google or any other website set to locate it, so the only traffic I get, I can easy keep an eye on.

    • Yeah, I’m still pretty small, hence just nice folks like you 🙂

      • i feel this way too.. i’ve been reading some pretty nasty things lately and i think this happens because these people are “known” on the web…
        of course we are new in this, not like mortra who’s been blogging for longer but has made her blog somewhat private and has gone through the whole “hate mail” thing….

        i would like to receive at least ONE hate mail at least…. 😛 just to feel good

  2. you know, I could send you a horrible email or comment just to make you feel good, but you’d know I didn’t mean any of it, so I don’t think that’ll work lol

  3. It is nice being small. It lets me write more how I like to write. When I had a ton of readers, I realized, I wrote 100% different. Hate mail is no fun, it gets your blood pumping and you let fly every mean thing you ever wanted to say to everyone…. hmmm…. now that i put it that way, it might make a good stress relief! LOL

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