Sand Monster

So a friend of mine is home this week visiting. You may remember her as Ms Determined’s best friend here. She called me up and we made plans to go for a walk.

The weather has been absolutely lovely (minus the whole weekend we visited Pte Goof when it was pissing rain and cold)! Squirt and I have enjoyed walks several times a week. So this friend (hmm… let’s call her Carnelian, like the colour (she’s white though, my town’s pretty darn white)) and I decided to meet up for a walk in this lovely weather.

And we discovered a park so close to our building it’s crazy I didn’t know it was there! So Carnelian and I took Squirt on the swings (he still prefers swinging on my lap in a big swing than in one of those baby swing) and down the slides and let him ride one of those horse thingies (what do you call those? they sit on a big spring in the sand, with handles, they’re not always horses… usually made of metal). He had such a good time despite his cold. and apparently he doesn’t like walking on sand (which was still pretty wet and springy). It was the funniest thing, he’d walk along the path, having a blast, then something would catch his eye and he’d take off not noticing the sand, then suddenly he’d realize he wasn’t on the pavement anymore and he’d stop dead. He’s kind of wiggle, like he was testing the sand, then he’d look around for me and say ‘up!’ We tried to encourage him to keep walking, but he’d only walk on the sand while holding my hand. Silly little guy.

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the apartment with a friend, and I’m so excited about the park so close!

And I almost forgot!! Squirt knows where his nose and his ears are! 🙂


3 responses to “Sand Monster

  1. Oh! it’s great you have a park near your house where you can take Squirt… it’s great to socialize with other kids and moms or just to have fun between the two of you….
    may be he’ll enjoy the sand once it’s finally dry…

    and also great you got to see your friend 😀

    • I’m very excited about the discovery of a park. The weather’s supposed to get colder for a bit, and since we’re both sick I don’t see too many trips there for a few days, but it’s not like it’s going anywhere! Pte Goof will likely come home for Easter, and it’ll be fun to go as a family, since I have a hard time convincing him to go on a big walk, it’s great this park’s so close!!

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