Cough Cough

That is the joyful sound of a sick toddler. Squirt is sick. Joy. So far he’s been pretty good. He’s not whiny or anything. He just has a really phlegm-y cough and a runny nose. And he’s  a little extra tired. He actually took two naps yesterday. He hasn’t taken two naps in like a month. I’m hoping that it’ll stick like this. Yes he’s sick, but he’s not overly cranky.

I really hope he doesn’t get all cranky because I can tell I’m coming down with whatever he has too. Usually when I get a cold I get a few days of runny nose and lots and lots of coughing, then get over it. But every now and then, I’m going to say every 2-3 years, when I’m run down I’ll get a cold and it will just blow me over. I’ll be sick for about 2 months. I’ll cough and cough so bad I can’t get any sleep. I’ll lose all apatite. And it’s been about 2 years since I’ve gotten sick like that. I’m hoping the stress of Pte Goof being away, and the lack of sleep I get when he’s gone doesn’t mean I’m run down enough to get sick like that. So right now I’m trying to take really good care of myself so that doesn’t happen.

In other news Pte Goof has started his course and they’ve taken away all electronics. I don’t understand how being able to text your family or talk to them on msn for a bit a night will make you a worse soldier. I really don’t get it.


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