And the Award for Worst Mother Goes to…

After the shampoo incident, Squirt freaks out every time I go to rinse the shampoo off his head. He’s never really been in love with the process, but he seems more upset now. Sigh,

And if that wasn’t enough… I mentioned to you guys yesterday about the lovely walk Squirt and I took yesterday. What I didn’t tell you is that while we were strolling on of the trails by our place (our town has an awesome network of  trails!) I walked the poor kid into a tree! Once again, he wasn’t really hurt, he cried a bit, but it was short-lived. Oh my God though, could you imagine if the branch had stabbed him in the eye or something? I’d never have forgiven myself!

And then today. I’m not really feeling well, I was up half the night with some strange abdominal pain. I didn’t get very much sleep, and I still feel kind of crappy. Squirt was being so clingy, of course (I think it’s because he can tell that mommy doesn’t really feel well, and he wants to make me better, or at least happy, little sweetie that he is). I just wanted five flipping minutes to myself, so I figured I’d hand him three various sized funnels I got at Dollarama the other day. Something he hasn’t seen before, and pretty harmless. They did actually entertain him for quite a while, but fast forward to a couple hours later when they were still sprawled across my living room floor and you’ll see Squirt falling on his butt right on the business end of a funnel. The tears that accompanied that one!! My Goodness!

Hopefully I don’t break the poor kid before we go down to visit Pte Goof later this week (that’s right we’re going to visit!! I can’t wait!!)


3 responses to “And the Award for Worst Mother Goes to…

  1. as i told you on twitter! don’t do this to yourself

    these are only incidents, and probably due to how tired you must be, you are on your own all day long taking care of the baby and that IS too much work, tiredness makes you more likely to make mistakes… nothing else

  2. Don’t feel too bad. Accidents happen all the time. Kids hurt themselves all the time. The shampoo, well, I have a kid that screams bloody murder just getting his head wet, actual soap is another issue all together…. Walking him into a tree, kids will end up doing this to themselves just to make you laugh, as long as you laugh. The more you get upset about something, the more they will get upset. Unless they are bleeding or have serious injury, try to make a joke of it, you will see less and less tears and more and more smiles.

    I have gotten to the point of even joking when my youngest comes to me with a huge cut and bleeding…. They take their hurt cues from you.

    Hang in there. Things will get better.

  3. Thanks guys, and I totally know that kids hurt themselves all the time. Just part of life. I actually had somebody think I was abused as a kid because I had so many bruises on my legs, nope I’m just clumsy lol. I guess this post came off different than I intended. It just seems like every time I turn around I’m hurting the poor kid lol. I know he’s fine 🙂

    (p.s. last night he totally fell down the stairs at Pte Goof’s aunt and uncle’s place while I was standing right there, lol)

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