So yesterday I was on the phone with Pte Goof. We were trying to plan out one more visit before he starts his occupational training, because he thinks that he’ll be pretty busy once that gets rolling, and his sister graduates in April, so bye-bye free place to stay. The details were a little fussy because we are trying to have the least impact on his sister’s school schedule, since she’d nice enough to give up her bed for us (she’s lovely).

And all of  a sudden I just started to cry really hard (I would say bawl, but I HATE that word, especially in print, but there you go, I’ve gone and said it anyway). I don’t even know why. I wasn’t even really feeling that upset when he called. We didn’t really talk about anything that stressful. I just started to cry. And couldn’t stop. We had a half hour-long distance call of which 20 minutes was probably Pte Goof listening to me sob for no reason. wtf?

I mean, I’m a crier. I’m really a crier. I’ll pretty much cry at the drop of a hat. But, I usually know what it was that set me off.

Later we had a little msn date, and I was perfectly fine then. So who knows what was going on with me.

(and before any of you guys go whispering, no, I’m not preggers again, I assure you lol)


2 responses to “Tears

  1. this sucks, but it happened to me once, and without reason either
    it lasted for hours… i hope yours didn’t….

    • No, I was lucky enough that it was only about an hour. I haven’t creid for no reason since I was like 13 and I just couldn’t handle all those damn puberty hormones.

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