Ok, so if you already watch momversation than I’m sure you’ve seen this one because it’s not new, but if you don’t, here it is (p.s., if you don’t watch it, but read any of the blogs of the ladies participating it’s kinda cool to actually see the people talking whom you normally only read. I read 3 or 4 of the blogs of all the moms who participate, and was so excited when I found it).

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So I had one of these moments today. Less a Heather angry moment (but my God, those are sure to come, I may or may not have a very hot temper and I may or may not have passed that on to Squirt), and more of a not exactly thinking moment like Alice or Daphne.

So when I bathe Squirt I always use Johnson and Johnson’s No More Tears baby shampoo. I don’t know whether I’d buy it (I tend to be a store brand kinda girl) but he has so little hair we’re not even half way through the first bottle I opened for his very first bath at home that was given to me at a shower (and I have about 4 more, I’m not going to have to buy this kid shampoo til he’s 15!). I do know that the No More Tears formula really works! I wish we had this stuff when I was a kid (maybe they did, but my mom couldn’t afford it). I shampoo the little guy’s head up, then just dump water over him til he’s clean. Doesn’t hurt his eyes at all.

But the last little while he’s be riddled with an extremely dry scalp. He has so little hair you can see the crocodile skin all over his little noggin. I did a little reasearch and decided it was fine to use adult dandruff shampoo. (I’m sure you can see where this is going). So I sudsed him up, and completely forgot that this was not the oh so gentle baby shampoo we always used, but adult dandruff stuff. Sigh, I dumped the water over his head and immediately regretted it. My poor little guy stated flipping out. His face went all red and he started frantically rubbing at his eyes. And CRIED. oh I felt so bad. I mean, I know that shampoo in the eyes isn’t really going to harm him. I’ve gotten shampoo in my eyes a zillion times. But that’s the thing, I know how much that hurts. And I at least understand what’s going on. Oh, I felt so bad for the little guy as I tried to help him wash it out.

Well it didn’t take him long to settle down. He’s fine (obviously) but I still feel bad for being so dumb. At least he’s too little to remember this later.


One response to “Moments

  1. poor guy 😦

    good that he’s only two and will not remember when he gets older 😛

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