The Old Life

A mutual friend of Pte Goof and I tagged me in an old picture on Facebook today. The picture’s been there for ages (almost 2 years), and I’ve seen it before, but the fact that he just tagged me (and made a comment) brought it to my attention again. It’s nothing special really. Just about 50 (ok, 5) of us piled on a couch. A bunch of boys and me (a common occurence back then). I’m hammered, and clearly enjoying myself.

I figure that picture was taken within a week or two of when I got pregnant.

It’s so crazy to look at that picture now. Looking at my face. At that moment I had no idea that within weeks, maybe just days there would be a baby growing inside me. A few of the people at the party (who noticed Pte Goof and I disappeared for a bit lol) have joked that Squirt was probably conceived there (not true, but close).

I miss it guys. I do. I love being a mom. I love hanging out with Squirt. I love trying to be the housewife. I love watching the little guy grow. I love doing all the mom things. But I miss it. I miss partying. I miss driving 3 hours just for one night of drinking (as was the case the night of this picture). I miss dropping money on booze and eating out like it was no big deal. I miss being care free.

I have days where I can’t believe this is where I am. I’m a mom to a toddler. I’m engaged. I’m a military spouse. The last 2 years since that picture were taken have just flown by. So quick I can hardly catch my breath.


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