Step by Step

As I previously mentioned Squirt is totally digging this walking thing. right now. When we’re out grocery shopping he gets so frustrated that he can’t walk instead of ride in the cart. It makes shopping a little frustrating because it only takes so long before he’s so fed up with the cart that he starts screeching at the top of his lungs. And I find it very hard to keep my composure when that begins. So the shopping gets hurriedly finished up, and I usually end up forgetting things.

But it’s so cool to see him toddling all over the apartment! He’s at the point that even if there’s a table or couch right there he’ll choose to walk on his own anyway. He’s just SO proud of himself that he can walk. It still excites him every time he does it. He gives a little yell of glee and then his funny little sound he makes when he’s all excited. It’s like a funny little roar that I absolutely love!

It’s sad that Pte Goof is missing it all, but I’m taking lots of pictures and videos for him to see! Too bad he has no internet so he won’t see them until he’s back to his posting, but oh well, at least they’ll be here waiting for him 🙂


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