It’s the Weekend…

But it doesn’t feel like it. The last 2 months of boot camp Pte Goof was home almost every single weekend. But now he’s in Manitoba, so it’s not like I can just drive out there and pick him up for a couple nights. So it doesn’t feel like the weekend and I miss him.

My best friend (who I vow will have a nickname soon here) is coming over today. And this may make me a horrible person but I don’t want her to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’d just rather hang out here with Squirt and just be. I avoid her all the time. Which drives her crazy because she hates it when she calls and you don’t call her back within 10 minutes. She’s one of those people who feel like since you have a cell phone you should always be ready and waiting to take her calls and texts. and I’m just not like that. I don’t like being available 100% of the time. Sometimes I don’t want people to be able to get a hold of me. And the fact that she gets so upset when I don’t call her back right away makes me often ignore her calls for days in a row. Why do I do this? I don’t know. but I do.

So there you have it. I’m awful.


2 responses to “It’s the Weekend…

  1. i totally get you.. i’m also having less boyfriend time (lots less) and it’s like i don’t want to be with my friends either ’cause i don’t want them to remind me of the fact that i can’t see him

    and, i don’t feel like being in touch with my best friend recently, there have been many issues between us (it’s not the same for you, i know)

  2. I wish I could blame this on Pte Goof’s absence, but it’s been like this for well over 6 months, well before he had even gone to boot camp.

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