Back in the Saddle

Ok, so I’m here. Hopefully you guys will hear a little more from me in the next little while. I almost guarantee you that you will since Pte Goof will be away for a month.

The last little while has been stressful. We thought that Pte Goof was going to be starting his occupational training, and we got him all packed, and took him to his new base only to find out that he actually had to leave on the 17th to go to Manitoba for a month. And had they realized this he could have stayed home until then, but instead was stuck 5 hours from home. We decided Squirt and I would stay there at his sisters during this time since after that we can’t see him at all for a month. It was cozy to say the least as his sister’s place is only a bachelor. And it was stressful because after the first few nights Squirt realized that when he woke up through the night we were right there and he began to refuse to put himself back to sleep. By the last few nights I was only getting a few hours of sleep each night.

But we’re home now, and that stress is easing, but of course the Pte Goof’s away stress is mounting. I hate when he’s gone. I really do. I’m such a baby. Honestly, if we could somehow be together all the time I would snatch that offer up in a heartbeat. Last winter he had a hand injury (to be more exact a boxer’s fracture from when he punched the floor during an argument with me) he was off work for 3 months (!) and I loved it. It sucked because he couldn’t do anything and we had a brand new baby, and Pte Goof was horribly depressed after the death of someone very important to him, but I still loved having him there every single day. Ah well, such is life.

On a happier note Squirt is getting so good at walking! While we were away we got him the cutest pair of shoes because when we’re out shopping or something he so badly wants to walk, but I’m not about to let him walk about those floors in socks! Especially in the winter! So we busted out the new shoes and he has no idea what to make of them! When we put them on and stand him up at very first he flat-out refuses to move. Then he starts to move and he does all these funny kicks like he’s a drunken cancan dancer. It’s hilarious. I can totally tell he’s thinking wtf did you put on my feet woman?


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