New years Eve

I really wanted to write a post reflecting on this past year, but alas, there just isn’t time right now. Maybe I’ll write one once Pte. Goof is off for his occupational training (which is all too soon!) For now I’ll just say this, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy yourselves tonight. If you drink, don’t drive. End of story. If this past year was a bad one just hope that the one coming will be better. If it was a good year, here’s to another 🙂

I’m not really one for resolutions, but this year I have one. I’m going to try to limit my junk food consumption to one day a week. the rest of the time healthy food ONLY! What about you? any resolutions?

Here comes 2010 everyone, are you ready?


2 responses to “New years Eve

  1. I have changed my eating habits this past year, the good way- but chocolate is my downfall EVERY SINGLE evening. I want to curb that this year. How am I the second day? Well, I received a 10 lbs goodie package from Germany – guess what’s in it?…so needless to say I indulged today. LOL. Not giving up though!

    • I’ve decided that this week doesn’t count. Lame I know, but we have so many goodies from the season, and Pte Goof is only home for a couple more days so I’m a little stressed. So my resolution will start next week. I’m bad at these aparently lol.

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