Just a quicky to update you guys.

We are waist deep into it all now!

Squirt’s birthday party went absolutely wonderful (I was SO nervous because it was the first time I’ve ever hosted anything, and I was worried about space in out little apartment and all those people!).

Pte goof loved all the birthday gifts we brought to him on base.

His graduation from bmq went so well. He looked so good. I cried (what else is new). I had a hard time keeping it all together. it scared me. We really are a military family now. But he and the boys looked wonderful in parade.

Squirt took his first unassisted steps today!!! I’m so proud of the little bugger!! and so excited that he did it while his daddy was home!!

He also had a doctor’s appointment for his one year shots and he’s had this scab that he keeps picking on his nose for about 2 weeks now. the last few days it’s look really bad after having almost healed last week. Well apparently now it’s a staff infection and he’s on antibiotics. I’m not worried though. staff is pretty common. I’ve treated cows for the same thing.

Busy finishing up wrapping presents and all the handmade card I swore I would make.

He walked!!!!!! He’s growing up so fast!


One response to “Chaos!!

  1. WOW that sounds like a wonderfull christmas time you are having 🙂

    i’m so glad for you, i hope you really enjoy this last week of the year 😀

    merry christmas and HAPPY new year!

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