That’s it ladies and gentlemen! Thursday is the day that Pte Goof comes home. For 3 1/2 weeks! I can hardly wait. Boot camp has been a long 3 months for me, and I can’t wait to wake up to Pte Goof every day! I know these holidays will just fly by, but not nearly as quickly as just a weekend.

In other news I’m starting to freak out. About getting Squirt’s birthday party ready. About getting our Christmas shopping done. About getting it all wrapped. About getting my baking done (including a totally kick-ass birthday cake I want to make for Squirt). Sigh, it’s all coming up SUPER quick, and I’m starting to feel the pressure. Last year Christmas kinda got interrupted by the early arrival of Squirt (he wasn’t supposed to come until the middle of January), so I kinda didn’t do much in the way of preparations for Christmas, just managed to get our butts to our families houses. SO this is my first “grown up” christmas. Not that we’re hosting (my God, I’m not ready for that kind of stress, not to mention there’s NO ROOM here). But just actually buying presents for everyone, and making cards, and all that stuff. Pair that with Squirt’s birthday, Pte Goof’s birthday that just passed and my dad’s birthday all within 10 days of Christmas, and it’s a little crazy.

Squirt’s latest thing is to go up to the TV, sippy cup in hand, and try to share with the people on tv. It’s the cutest thing ever! He’s been really big on the sharing lately. If he’s got a goober covered cookie, you can bet he’ll try to jam it in your mouth. And his sippy cup, you’d better at least pretend to drink from it when he offers it to you, or you may get a fat lip from him trying to shove it between them!


One response to “Thursday!

  1. that’s a great kid you have there 🙂 alwways sharing 🙂

    i hope everything turns out great 😀 and remember to enjoy every minute of it

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