When We Met

This will be a two post story. “When We Met” and “When We Fell in Love”

I’ve never worked on a post like this. I’ve never written and rewritten and edited. I’m more of a sit down and type, reread and post right away kinda girl. But I really wanted this post to be good. The result? well I don’t think it’s any better than my other stuff, but oh well.

It was June of 2007. I was working on a dairy farm. My friend was having what I thought was a party (which really turned out to be just a few people hanging out playing Kings). I wanted to go, but as I had just gotten my driver’s license and my dad’s old car I had to drive myself. And as I had to drive half an hour to be at work for 5 am (that’s right I had to get up at 4:20 the next day and was going to a party) I couldn’t stay overnight and had to stay sober. I was just home from my first (and so far only) year of University and it was really weird to be the sober one. I was wearing a red V-neck hoodie and short denim skirt. My hair had been dyed red quite a while ago and it was faded and had horrible roots. 

I stopped by my bff’s (for whom I still need to come up with a pseudonym for you guys) house on the way to the party because I really wasn’t sure about the people who were going to be there and I wanted her to call me with an excuse to get out if I needed it. It’s really funny, this is the one and only time I’ve ever tried a scheme like that, and I totally didn’t need it.

When I got to the party I was nervous as I always am, because social situations always make me nervous, and this time I was missing the great bottle of liquid social courage I had used the past year at University to get over that. I was also self-conscious about my roots. I got up to the apartment and knocked, one quick glance told me that it wasn’t really a party, but just a group of friends  hanging around drinking. This made me even more nervous because at a party it’s easier to hide. I told everyone to look out the window at my clunker of a car. I was 20 and driving. Finally!!

The introductions went around. I already knew almost everyone there, most of them were part of my high school group. Except for some girl who I hardly remember, and this guy who was introduced to me as “Spanky”. Everyone laughed because apparently there was quite a joke behind the Spanky name (although nearly 2 and a half years later I have yet to hear what it is, Pte Goff can’t remember, which is no surprise, he doesn’t remember anything like that). In the midst of the laughter I heard ‘Spanky’ say “Actually I prefer being called…” but I missed his real name because everyone was laughing.

They decide to play Kings, (I didn’t partake because I was driving). We sat down around the table and I ended up directly  across from Spanky. I remember him acting all macho and letting on like he was a player. Something that I’m usually not at all attacked to. I remember how completely hammered he was by 9:30 (to be fair they were picking on him, anytime anybody had drinks to give out they gave them to Spanky). Again, something I’m not usually attacked to. I enjoy a little too much alcohol now and then (at that time quite often) but I appreciate a guy who can hold his drink just a little.

He kept making little flirtations at me. Now I can’t remember what we said to each other but he was clearly acting interested. I thought to myself Gee, (because I say words like Gee to myself) it’s too bad I’m not drinking so that I could use that as an excuse to make out with him tonight. I remember at one point when they were playing “Never Have I Ever” as a sub part of the game of Kings the subject of virginity came up. Actually, if I remember correctly, it was ‘Spanky’ who asked if anyone there was a virgin. I wasn’t going to say anything, because I had VERY recently lost mine, and these people had all known me as the über Christian virgin in high school. But another friend of ours, we’ll call her Ms Determined, She spoke up for me. “Fable’s a virgin” so of course everyone there was like “OMG”. One of the guys there was also a virgin, but he was fat until very recently, and sadly this meant nobody was surprise about that (don’t get mad at me, this is not how I feel, just how the group reacted). I decided just to go along with it. I didn’t need to tell all these people about the recent change in my status of virgin. ‘Spanky’ seemed particularly interested. I kept brushing it off “It’s not a big deal”

By this point it was more than a little obvious that ‘Spanky’ was interested in me. I enjoyed the flirting. I had recently been brutally dumped (see the recent loss of virginity), and it was fun to just be silly with a guy again. I’ve always been a flirt, if not a good one, and I enjoy male attention. So I leaned over to Ms Determined, and we reverted to one of our favourite tricks in high school. Talk about somebody who’s right there in French so they can’t understand (I know, how rude were we?). (As a side note I was never fluent in French, and I’ve only gotten worse for not using it, but I knew enough that Ms Determined, who is fluent and a couple other friends and I could have basic conversations). I asked he what she thought about ‘Spanky’. She told me that he was pretty cute. Had a girlfriend, about 3 hours away, but the relationship wasn’t the greatest. I have never been so sad to find out a guy was taken. I’ve also never wish so bad that a relationship I knew nothing about would end. She also told me he was going to join the military, and we had a little giggle about how cute guys in uniform are.

I only stayed until like 10:15, becasue of the early morning ahead of me. I learned a while later that aparently ‘Spanky’ had passed out very shortly after that because he had not wanted to pass out in front of me, and had held out until then.

I didn’t see him again for 6 weeks. In that time he broke up with his girlfriend. I never did learn his name that night, because they all called him ‘Spanky’ the whole time.

So, that’s the first time I ever laid eyes on the man who became the father of my child and the love of my life. Soon how he and I became we.


One response to “When We Met

  1. ooooooooooo loved this story =)

    i will sit down tomorrow morning and write my own “how i met him” post… it promises to be surprising…and a beautiful- almost cinderella’s kind of a story also

    i’m glad that you took your time to write and re-write, it came out great

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