What a Weekend

Did you guys think I had forgotten you? Probably not as my stats indicate that nobody was here to feel forgotten.

What a crazy weekend! Pte Goof had fire picket on Saturday night, which meant he had Friday night off, but he had to be back for 1 am, and then he was stuck on base until 9 am on Sunday (and they always have to be back and dressed in their fatigues by 4 pm on Sunday). Crazy girl who I am that meant Friday night I drove the 45 minutes to pick him up for dinner. Then drove the 20 minutes to the next town for dinner and a wander around the mall. 20 minutes to drop him back at base then 45 minutes home again. And then Sunday I hustled my butt to drive the 45 minutes to pick him up again 9:30 to drive  45 minutes to take him home so he could get some sleep after he had to be up half the night for the fire picket since he`s not allowed to sleep during the day on base, even when it`s his time off. And then a couple hours later Drove 45 minutes back to base and 45 minutes home again so he could be back in time for sign in. That ridiculously complicated and boring paragraph was just my way of saying it was a busy weekend where I did a crazy amount of driving to see my Love. And I didn`t even mention the fact my friend and I drove 45 minutes on Sunday to do a little Christmas (!) shopping!  Or that I only got 4 hours of sleep on Saturday night because for some reason I couldn`t sleep. So I`m beat! Crazy busy weekend and I`m done!

Ok, I`m done complaining about it now. Sorry!

On the upside my friend left her new Carrie Underwood CD (yes, I listen to country music, let the judging commence) in my car, and being as she lives in Toronto during the week for work I get to borrow it for a whole week! I LOVE Carrie Underwood. The only real concert I`ve ever been to in my life was Carrie Underwood. This same friend (btw, it`s the yet to be named bff) and I went while I was pregnant and it was awesome!

And all this driving was worth it. Pte Goof has been so sweet lately. And he actually mentioned this wedding package he was looking at!!!!! Yes, that sentence really did require 5 exclamation points because this is the very first time in the year and a half that we`ve been engaged that he actually suggested something.

Squirt is becoming such a  little person! He`s becoming so interactive! On saturday morning I gave him a bottle (because I was pretty sure the bottle wine I had consumed the night before would have `spiked`my breast milk) and he kept offering his bottle to share to me. He saw me putting on chapstick and he wanted me to put some on him. So I did and then I put the lid on and handed it to him and he tried ro put some on me! It`s so amazing to watch him develop all these things. It`s crazy to watch this thing that you brought home that couldn`t do anything but sleep and poop come up to you and offer you a bite of his cookie!

Hopefully soon I`ll have the `When we met`post up. It`s the first time I`ve actually taken a while to compose a post, and now that I`ve told you guys that I feel like it`d beetter be good!


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