Do you know what my biggest fear is right now?

My biggest fear is Pte Goof coming home from a deployment in Afghanistan. War changes a person. I don’t think there is a single thing on Earth anybody can experience like it. And I know that he is nowhere near facing a deployment right now. I know that the way the government is talking  we will be out of Afghanistan before he’s even deployable. But the government has said that before. And even if we are, there will always be another war to fight.

And the thought of Pte Goof going over there. Actually killing people. Seeing the things soldiers see. I’m so terrified that he’ll come home and be such a different person that it won’t work anymore. What if he does go over, and war changes him so much that we find out we can’t be us anymore.

I’m sure I’m being paranoid, but I can’t help it. I scared SHITLESS!


2 responses to “Fear

  1. hey… paula here… i actually got a blog during the weekend, though i haven’t written anything yet

    regarding your biggest fear, i think you are right to think so, but i’m sure that if Pte Goof were to go to the war and come back changed, you would make your best to make it work… besides, a man that has something to come home for will not change that much, i think. The memories regarding his son and wife/fiancee will keep him grounded (like foots on earth, not like on a corner for an hour)

  2. Well thank you for your vote of confidence. I am a strong believer in love conquering, but Pte Goof is a very impressionable person. And the last time he had a large change in his life he nearly left me.

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