The Eleventh

I sat down today hoping to write some beautiful post about the sacrifice we are asked to remember today. But once again my lack of writing skills is showing and no beautiful post exists.

So I guess all I have to say is please, take a moment today. Remember what all those people have done for us. Thank God, or Allah, or The Universe, or whoever it is you thank that you are here, and not there. And remember that those people, they did all that they did for people like you and me.


This Remembrance Day means more to me than any other has before it. Last year at this time I was just moved in with Pte Goof, was still pregnant and I thought that he was done with all this military stuff. So this year, when I know that today he’s off drinking with his platoon ‘in rememberance’ (don’t get me started on this, when all of Canada pays their respects, the boys drink) it means so much more. It means that this time next year he could be ‘there’. It means that maybe one year I’ll be remembering his sacrifice (omg, I can’t even think about that).

So on Remembrance Day remember the vets, and those serving, but also remember their families, because they make a pretty damn big sacrifice too.


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