On Anonymity

This anonymity thing is interesting. I mean when I first started this blog it was because I needed an outlet for things that I felt (and still do feel) I can’t talk about with my friends and family. So the whole point to the anonymity is that I could talk about everything. But as time goes on I’m realizing that while it allows me a certain freedom of information that I would not have if I let everyone know who I am, it at the same time does the exact opposite.

There are times that I want to share my thoughts or experiences that I can’t. Times that I want to tell you guys things that I end up holding back on because I don’t want this blog to become connected with my ‘irl’ friends and family. Not to mention all the amazing pictures of Squirt that I wish I could show you!

I mean I’m pretty sure every blogger (who has half a brain) has some boundaries. I mean, you have to keep a few thing private. I guess I just find it funny that the very thing that I was supposed to be doing so that I could share is also keeping me from sharing bits of myself.


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