One Whole Month!

I just realized that this past Sunday marked one month of blogging for me! woohoo! Guess we all have to start somewhere right? I realize that one month isn’t really very long at all, and that I haven’t posted THAT much in said month, but well I have a bit of a habit of starting things and then forgetting them. So I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with this even this little bit.

Even in this short amount of time this blog has helped a bit. I have this habit of trying to make it appear that I always have everything under control. That I’m tough enough to handle whatever life throws at me on my own. I know that nobody can get through life without a little help, but this still makes it hard for me to lean on other people. There are certain things that I just can’t discuss with my friends and family, and all these things were becoming pent-up and driving me nuts. Having this little space on the web has really been a great release valve for me. And even though I know that not many people actually read this, it is a source of comfort to know that I can get it all out. Off my chest, or my shoulders.  I think this is why (so far) I have managed to keep this up. Because I need it. I need somewhere to let this stuff out.

When Pte Goof moved in with his mom for a bit I only told one person. And I wouldn`t talk to her about it, just let her know that he was there. Didn`t talk to my parents or any of my  other friends. But here, I was able to mention it (after the fact, as this happened before I started blogging).

I guess I`m saying thank-you internet for giving me this outlet. I need it.


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