That Smile

Ok, so I know that every mom (and dad for that matter) who has ever felt the urge to spew her thoughts for the internet to see has written this post, but I can’t help it! When that kiddo turns his head and his face lights up just because he saw little old me, I just cannot help but melt. Serious, there’s no high like it on earth. And I know, I know, every parent says this, but you just can’t imagine how amazing it all is until you experience it for yourself. And the reason EVERY parent feels like they just have to talk about it? Because they just can’t get over it all. I mean if you say have the best meal that you’ve ever eaten you go around and tell everyone about this great restaurant that you ate at. And your very own baby is like a million-gazillion times better than that. So of course we parents feel the need to indulge in our giddiness at our precious little ones every now and then.

So here it is. Squirt is a never-ending source of joy for me. Even in the midst of the worst day imaginable. Even when I haven’t seen Pte Goof in a month and I’m sad as hell and I just feel like I can’t deal. Even when I feel once again like I’ve let everyone down. Even when I can barely stand the thought of life, and don’t want to get out of bed. One little smile from him. No, not even, just the thought of his smile is more than enough to keep going. To remind me what this is all about. To remind me that he has his daddy’s smile and soon enough i’ll see him and his daddy smile at each other. To make me get out of bed. To make it all bearable.

Not to mention the stress of the parenting itself. And the lack of sleep. And the scariness of this persons whole EVERYTHING relying on you. You have to step back and revel in how wonderful it all is now and then lest you go crazy. So yes, we parents ALL do it, but perhaps that’s out of necessity. We have to remind ourselves how great that smile is. How wonderful watching them is. How amazing they make us feel. How scrumptious their thighs are. How you are their everything. Lest we kill them!


2 responses to “That Smile

  1. Love this post! I totally know what you’re saying 🙂 and where you’re coming from!

  2. Thank-you. This is the first post I’ve written that I’m actually kind of proud of. I think it’s totally true, we have to remind ourselves sometimes just how damn wonderful they are 🙂

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