The Future Mrs. Goof

Well he’s back at the base once more. But it’s a little less sad this time because we are officially engaged again! It feels so good to be able to say that! And no more lying to people when I say that we’re engaged. (I hadn’t told anybody that we weren’t to protect Pte. Goof).

We had a really good weekend. Friday night Squirt and I went and got Pte Goof and we went out for dinner with some of his platoon. He then stayed out with his army buddies that he has just been dying to go party with. Yesterday he came home and we carved pumpkins. Then we dressed Squirt up and took him out to see the grandparents. He was so fucking cute! Then! my best friend (I’ll give her a name too, but the right one hasn’t hit me yet) came over to watch Squirt (who was already on bed) and we actually went out dancing! I got hammered off my face and had a great time! Oh! and did I mention we also got re-engaged? 😀


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