Well I found out on Thursday that Pte Goof doesn’t get to come home this weekend. It’s pretty stupid because now he gets to sit on base and twiddle his thumbs for three days while everyone who runs his program is off for THEIR long weekend. I’m not looking forward to this. A whole life of having THEM decide what holidays we can and can’t spend together as a family. It just sucks.

I’m sure anyone who actually reads this blog is thinking that I do nothing but complain. But that’s not true. That’s not who I normally am. It’s just that this blog came out of a time (right now) when I was (am) feeling bad about my life and I need to complain, and there are certain things that I cannot complain to my friends and family about. So yes, now, all I do here is complain. But if anyone is actually reading this and they just bear with me it will get better. That’s not to say that I’m going to stop complianing. I’m still going to be pissed that I ended up a military wife (well, gf, but anyway). I’m just saying that eventually, when things aren’t as chaotic in my head, you will see the funnier, sillier side of my life. You’ll see me talk about the little squirt and all the lovely, silly, amazing things he does.

Just bear with me.


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